Web Development

Web Development

The Ramp strategy's primary objective is driving potential customers back to the website. We consider the website as the home base of our campaigns. It is a digital platform that you own and have complete control over. In order to maximize the efficiency of your online marketing budget, your website must be built to convert customers.

The Importance Of User Experience

User experience matters more than ever. With advances in analytics, search engines are now using key metrics directly tied to user experience when ranking URL's. Today, it does not matter how pretty your website looks. If the user experience is bad, chances are they won't convert. It is the equivalent of dining at a fancy restaurant with bad service and poor food quality. Your first impression is good, but you'll never go back.

In-House Web Developers

Ramp works with award winning website developers to help facilitate digital marketing campaigns. Our in-house team is familiar across all programming languages and specialize in optimizing websites specifically to meet the needs of our client's marketing objectives.

More Than Your Average Web Developer

Your average web development company only specializes in the construction of a site. After the scope of the work is complete, many developers move on to the next project. Not with us. In most cases, web development is just the beginning of what we do for our clients. We view websites as a vital piece to a much larger puzzle.

Benefits Of Structuring A Website Through The Perspective Of A Digital Marketer

One of the first aspects of scoping a web development project is drafting a site map. Many times, web developers will ask a client for a list of products and services they offer, do a little research on websites in their industry category and look to consolidate as much services into one page as much as possible. Sometimes websites will be structured according to estimated searches on search engines in order to increase organic users. At Ramp, our number one focus is building your website to serve as a solid foundation for your marketing strategy. Our team understands the bigger picture of how websites can help decrease the costs of customer acquisition.

Lead Capture

Online leads are why we invest in digital marketing. Yet, lead capture is often overlooked throughout the design phase of a website. Online marketing has moved far past the days of just having a "Contact Us" page on your site. In today's landscape, you have to use effective lead capture methods designed specifically to speak to your consumer at the time they are making a purchasing decision. Ramp uses a variety of products and techniques to convert your web visitors into qualified leads for your business. All without coming off as being intrusive to the customer.

Web Analytics

How familiar are you with website analytics? When set up properly, web analytics can tell a story about your customer-base that you cannot get anywhere else. While the basics of an analytics platform can be user friendly, many businesses only access to the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of their analytics platform. The Ramp team helps set up and train clients in how to best evaluate the performance of their website.

Providing Data Driven Solutions Beyond The Digital Space

In addition to understanding the behavior of your online customer base, web analytics can also serve as a tool to help drive general business decisions. For instance, if you notice a spike in unique users researching a particular product or service on certain months of the year, it can help you adjust your pricing for that product to maximize profits.  Knowing when and where users are on your site provides concrete data on the "Research" portion of your customer's sale cycle. 

Need Help Scoping Your Next Web Development Project?

We encourage clients to take into account many factors before drafting a scope for your website. Before design and development begins, consulting with a digital marketing professional can pay immediate dividends to your online lead generation. Ramp would welcome the opportunity to have that conversation with you. Feel free to reach out to us using the contact form below. We can set up a time to discuss in detail your online marketing goals and ways we can help before and after the web development process.