Video Production

Video Production: A Key Component To The Ramp Strategy

In today's marketing landscape, video production should be considered an asset. Video can educate, qualify and move audiences better than any other form of media. It can also turn people off your business if your message comes off wrong. This is why working with a media company that understands the entire digital marketing space can benefit your business.

We Are Entering The Golden Age Of Online Video

According to Magna, 2017 was the year that online ad spending ($209 billion) overtook traditional TV ($178 billion) worldwide. This trend had been coming for a long time. To many in the industry, this is seen as the tipping point. Over the next couple of years, many of the major content providers will be entering talks with cable and ISP providers over transmission agreements (the rights to broadcast their content). With significantly better targeting options available for advertisers online, the industry is primed for a seismic shift in spending as TV dollars flood into video platforms such as Youtube, Hulu, Facebook, etc.

The Power Of Branding With Online Video

The combination of sight, sound and motion continues to be the gold standard in branding. With video consumption in a state of evolution, it is more important to be on the right side of that trend; Both short and long term.  The Ramp team works with clients on developing a video content strategy designed to reinforce your brand and drive online conversions.  

The Difference Between Quantity And Quality

In a perfect, you want both. A major component to our strategy focuses on how to streamline quality content. Once a video production strategy is put into place, we work to make sure deliverables are met. Streamlining the process from production to ad placement is an vital part of the Ramp strategy.

Staying On Brand

Every high definition video we make must stay on brand. Brand consistency helps strengthen conversion rates as more consumers become familiar with your message.

Video Production Services

If you are looking for someone to shoot a video for a wedding, we are probably not the type of video production company you are looking for. The videos we produce are shot with the intentions of promoting them online to targeted audiences.

Pre Roll Video Production

Pre roll video is an effective way to target specific consumers with a :10-:15 second message before their online video airs. Ramp helps consult with clients on when and how to use this video platform. After helping develop a strategy, we then produce a spot specifically made to run in the pre roll ad position.

Long Form Video Production

Whether you want to incorporate an education and training video into your website or brand a corporate video, Ramp can help. Our video production team helps coordinate all facets of the video project from pre production until post production.

Developing Online Video Channels

As we look towards the next 5-10 years, many of the video we consume will be produced by advertisers. Developing your video channels is now a top priority when strategizing how to get your video message to potential customers. Ramp specializes in helping develop, maintain and optimize your video channels with the intention of driving new business.

What Makes Ramp Different From Other Video Production Companies?

While the quality of our video production is good, we are online marketers at heart. Creative ones at that. Our team understands the larger picture about how video fits into a digital marketing strategy. We view video as a tool to help build a much bigger marketing solution.

Full Service Video Production

Our team views the actual production of a video as the beginning of a professional partnership, not the end. Working around this industry for almost a decade, it baffled me when I would see an advertiser overspend on production and under-promote it. That will not happen when you work with Ramp. We don't just produce videos, we produce results.

Interested In Working With Ramp On Your Next Project?

Our team loves to discuss video production with new and existing clients. If you'd like to schedule a time to discuss in detail, contact us today by filling out the online form below.  Make sure to include any ideas you have and what you are trying to accomplish.