Social Media Marketing

A Social Media Marketing Strategy Backed By Analytics

It's no secret that social media has become a massive component to every business's online marketing strategy. It is an extremely crowded space that is constantly changing. Many of the tactics used in social media marketing just a couple years ago are now considered obsolete. All of the social campaigns we design are backed by advanced analytics. Our team identifies our clients best potential customers and customizes a strategy to reach them with the right message, at the right time with the right frequency.

What Makes Us A Different Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing is a very crowded space. Everyone claims to be an "Expert." Our agency takes a slightly contrarian approach to how we structure social media campaigns. To us, social media channels such as Facebook are simply channels to help create awareness, facilitate conversations, and ultimately drive traffic to our client's websites with the intent to converting to customers. We execute these objectives by taking a scientific approach to how we structure audiences and allocate budget. This saves money for our clients while maximizing the impact of a given advertising budget.

Conversion Based Optimization

If the company you are currently using for social media is only supplying you with reports on how many clicks you are receiving, you're not getting the full picture on your campaign performance. Everything behind the Ramp strategy is focused around conversion based optimization. Our goal is to help our clients measure the behavior of online users referred to their site from social media channels in order to dissect a true ROI on their campaigns.

Organizing First Party Data

The organization and implementation of first party data is essential to maximizing conversions on social channels. The best potential prospect for a product or service you sell is an existing customer or someone that resembles your existing customer. Using first party data such as client databases or online generated leads, Ramp helps deploy customize audiences shaped to reach only the best candidates to convert into customers.

Speaking To Facebook's AI Technology

Facebook's ad exchange features some of the best targeting options for online display advertising at affordable CPMs. The process behind the Ramp strategy focuses on supplying and structuring first party data in a way that arms Facebook's artificial intelligence to seek your best potential customers. We do this in a variety of different ways to help diversify data pools and achieve optimal reach.

Practicing Proper Ethics When Handling Data

Online privacy and data protection is a top priority for Ramp. Our team is well trained in the importance of handling a client's first party data to ensure that information is treated with care.

Creating A Social Media Collaboration

Our firm specializes in advanced targeting and reporting throughout social media channels. Many of the social media projects we work on are collaborations with the client. It is common for our clients to still make posts on their social channels even as we are actively working on them. We are completely OK with that as long as it is not detrimental to the campaigns we are running. Our team works with clients to form the best approach to leveraging social channels to drive revenue.

Building Your Social Media Process

The way you engage on social media will most likely shape the way consumers view your business. Ramp uses a calculated method to help build our client's social media process. Some examples of criteria we consider when sculpting a client's social media process include:

  • Industry Based Conversion Rates Per Device
  • Conversion Rates By Day Of The Week
  • Post Interactions By Subject Matter

Controlling Your Company's Narrative

One of the major benefits social media presents from a marketing perspective is the ability to control your narrative. When you combine a data proven strategy with a comprehensive content strategy, you have the ability to shape the way your customers not only see your company, but how they view your industry. At Ramp, we focus on the bigger picture.

Ready To Get Started?

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