Search Engine Marketing

The Art Of Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are a vital source of online traffic for a company's website. In most cases, organic traffic from search engines will often present the highest conversion rates. When a client works with Ramp, they are working with a search engine marketing firm that understands all of the pieces to how search engines can help drive revenue online. Our search engine strategy is based on understanding how each platform is structured, both organic and paid, to maximize traffic and search ad efficiency.

Google's Business Model Centers Around Change

There is no secret in the online marketing industry that Google does not like search engine optimization firms that practice "Black Hat" techniques. Their entire mantra is built around providing the most relevant searches related to a specific keyword phrase in order to enhance user experience. They are also a publicly traded company that is obligated to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. Over time, the Google platform has evolved in a way that makes it harder to organically optimize your rankings while providing better targeting options for advertisers on their paid positions. Working with a search engine marketing firm that understands the synergy between the organic and paid portions of Google can help separate you from your competition.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO

Search engine optimization is a term that is commonly thrown around in marketing conversations. Many think SEO is a service online marketing firms can execute by waving a wand, typing in a couple of lines of HTML code and boom. Next thing you know you are #1 in every keyword phrase and your phone is ringing off the hook with new customers. Unfortunately, that is not true. Google's ranking algorithm has become so advanced, it can evade almost every tactic that has been used to deceive its organic rankings. That is not to say search engine optimization is no longer relevant. In some ways, it is more important than ever. But just like Google's algorithm, the way we look at SEO has changed. Using nothing but "White Hat" practices, Ramp works with clients on developing a long term search engine optimization strategy that helps increase your organic traffic through increased SERPs, while avoiding any potential land mines in the event of a major change in the way Google ranks in the future.

Many Of The Tactics Used In The Past Will Now Hurt Your SEO Today

Many of the online marketing agencies claiming to specialize in SEO still use tactics that can potentially lead to Google punishing your site. While backlinks are still considered a major ranking factor, there is statistical data that suggest Google is moving away from more by the day. If you are working with an SEO provider who's strategy is primarily based on backlinks, you could be setting your site up for problems down the road.

Moving Towards Mobile Optimization

Many of the ways Google ranks websites for mobile is much different than how they rank desktop formatted websites. With most searches now taking place on mobile devices, our team works with clients to develop a search engine optimization strategy specifically for increasing rankings for mobile devices.

PPC Management Services

Ramp offers advanced management services for PPC platforms such as Google Adwords. Pay per click campaigns on search engines are pivotal part of the Ramp Digital Marketing Strategy. The dynamic structuring of search engine campaigns allow us to target online traffic in ways no other platforms can do. This feature combined with other marketing components allow us to create audiences we can then retarget with the intentions to convert.

Customized Campaigns Tailored To Your Business

Our team puts in hours of keyword research in order to customize pay per click campaigns designed to drive customers for each specific client.We take pride in thinking outside the box in ways to structure keyword groups with the goal of lowering the cost of customer aquisition.

Optimized Landing Pages

Ramp creates customized landing pages, optimized to specific keywords in order to maintain the highest relevance score and drive overall cost per clicks down. Each landing page contains a strong call to action heading into a lead capture component. Ramp tracks all types of conversions and compiles daily reports for clients to help measure their return on investment.

Always Be Optimizing

Our team is constantly looking for ways to optimize the performance of websites. There is no better example of this than search engine marketing. Everything we do, from content writing to keyword research revolves around driving more visitors, both organic and paid, to our client's websites. If you would like to learn more about how we can help increase quality traffic to your website, schedule a call with a Ramp professional by filling out the online contact form below.