Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Many businesses today find themselves in a state of transition as marketing has become more fragmented and complex for the advertiser. This is what we do. Our team helps develop a curriculum with the client to meet specific objectives related to improving their digital marketing strategy.

Assessing The Status Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing isn't anything new. Almost every business we work with already has an online marketing strategy in place. Our first intent is to understand your online presence through a variety of different resources we have available to our team. We then seek to improve processes you already have in place by gathering a basic understanding of who you are using for what. Once a thorough audit of your online strategy is finished, we then present a detailed recommendation on how to improve the efficiency of your process.


After presenting an overall solution, the Ramp teams works with the client to help implement the customized strategy we recommend. In most cases, we work with a team of your employees to assign tasks related to the Ramp strategy. Examples of such tasks include:

  1. REPORTING:  Numbers and analytics are a large part of what we specialize in.  Our team works with clients on how to best organize reporting data specific to their online strategy.  Our goal is to effectively train you and your team on entering, maintaining and ultimately understanding a variety of important metrics related to gauging the success of your online marketing.
  2. AD-OPS: Today, almost every online exchange requires someone dedicated to managing and maintaining campaigns.  Our team helps delegate responsibilities in order to increase the efficiency of your marketing team when entering orders, changing creative and optimizing campaigns.   
  3. OPTIMIZATION: We train marketing teams on how to effectively optimize online ad campaigns across all major platforms.  By understanding how real time bidding (RTB's) models are set up, Ramp can provide your team with an understanding on how to get the most for your marketing dollar.  We work to help pinpoint "Warning Signs" on potential items that could be decreasing campaign efficiency, and train them on how to quickly correct it.


If you prefer for us to help with all or some of the deliverables, we can assign dedicated support to help execute objectives related to our strategy. In most cases, we base costs for such services on the estimated amount of hours required to meet your campaign's specific objectives.

Follow Up

After the Ramp strategy has been created and put into place, we assign your business with a dedicated Account Manager to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Digital Platform Boot Camps

If your business is only in need of consulting on a specfic ad platform such as Google, Facebook or Youtube, Ramp can help organize a 2-3 day boot camp to get them up to speed quickly. Many of the criteria we cover will revolve around which platform you would like to become more familiar with.

Customized Marketing Models

Every company that partners with Ramp receives the building of an IP based customized marketing model. We cannot express the importance and value of this service. Our team organizes large amounts of data over multiple sources and customizes it according to your company's specific business model. You are left with a way to properly measure each component of your marketing strategy.

Interested In Learning More About How Ramp Can Help?

Every marketing partnership starts with a conversation. If you are interested in how we can potentially help increase the effectiveness of your online marketing, feel free to reach out using the contact form below. Your not going get a call from us trying to pressure sell you into using our services. Let us know how we help you.