About Us

I'd like to think what we do is a little different. My goal when starting Ramp was to distance our business model away from bad industry habits. Today's digital marketing space is crowded. Everyone claims to be an expert. It has become a culture of over-promising and under-delivery. I had just left an eight and a half year stint at a broadcast television station. There I received a tremendous opportunity to work at the client level and witness how small to mid size businesses succeeded.  However I was in a sales role and was limited in the amount of time I could spend on a particular account.  I became especially intrigued with the digital side of the business and how it related to video.  Knowing that all television programming would eventually be broadcasted over an IP based signal, I made the decision to start my own agency.  

Focusing On The Data

During my time at the station, I became very well versed in excel. Having not been satisfied with the level or reporting we were receiving back from some of the digital partners, I started building my own customized report. One led to another then over time I started developing a system. I would then take these reports and bring them to my clients where we would collaborate towards adding metrics that were specific to their business model. It allowed me to analyze campaigns in an entirely different perspective.

Assembling A Team Of Versatile Marketers

In online marketing you usually have creative people and numbers people. At Ramp, we ideally look for people who are creative with numbers.  Everything we do here is very calculated.  We do our homework on key industry specfic benchmarks before a campaign goes live.  Over the first 72 hours, campaigns are watched like hawks as we optimize all aspects in order to reach optimal levels as fast as possible.  

Taking A Big Picture Approach

There is no one solution, one product or one metric that defines the success of a campaign. We take a big picture approach by drawing conclusions based on massive amounts of data and reporting.

We Value Long Term Partnerships

Every project we work on revolves around growing our client's business. Our company's strategy for growth is growing the businesses we work with. We are selective on the types of businesses we work with and value good working relationships with our clients.